“Sage Osa embodies love, light and wisdom. In our extended, detailed spiritual life purpose reading, Sage warmly and compassionately guided me toward success by channeling personalized, specific and highly accurate messages from my angels, guides and passed loved ones. She is a brilliant intuitive coach and medium who knows exactly how to tune into the soul and help you manifest what it is that you need and want for a successful life, relationship, and/or career. Sage provided me with distinct, knowledgeable information about my career path and gave me a series of detailed, individualized steps to help me truly obtain my heart’s desires. Her information is always specific, and I was positive from her in-depth reading that she was delivering my great-grandmother’s advice for me to live the stellar life I crave. During the reading, we spent a great deal of time talking these ideas through and putting together a plan of exactly how to achieve a life filled with joy, peace and wholeness. Sage not only mentored me and offered honest words of encouragement, but she also showed me techniques to center myself and help me focus solely on my deepest desires. The session was an incredibly peaceful one, and I felt a warm, loving presence around me as Sage channeled the words of my dear loved ones, providing evidence that it was indeed them coming through for me. I would recommend this service to anyone who really wants to find total fulfillment in their lives; anyone who wants to make a difference in the world by living a passionate, wonderful, peaceful life. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, confused or lost in any area of your life, this session is for you. If you feel unhappy in your current lifestyle or just want some really specific guidance as to where you could be taking your career, don’t hesitate to give Sage a call.”

“Thank you, Sage, for enlightening me and helping me to lighten up. Your humor, your love and your understanding have helped me much more than you will ever know.”~Danielle T.

“Sage’s soul connecting readings are incredibly accurate.  I am continually amazed at how quickly and deeply she taps into me.  She delivers the information with sincerity and compassion.  You won’t be disappointed.”   Lynn D.

“My husband and daughter were both in awe all weekend after their readings with you.  We spoke for hours about the things you helped them discover.  It was a very transcendent and extremely emotional experience for both of them.  I believe that my husband (the doubtful one) is now a believer that sometimes good things happen to you without a scientific explanation.  Thank you so much”  Monika

For the past year I have been doing energy healing and studying with Sage.  She has enabled me to reach new spiritual heights that I never thought I would have achieved.  As a result, my life has become more peaceful overall and it has enhanced both my family life and career.  Sage is a wonderful healer, teacher and person.  Wendy M.