Intuitive Soul Readings/  life guidance sessions

Your Intuitive reading is an opportunity for you to connect on your soul level. Accurate Information is provided from your all knowing Higher Self (the God aspect within you).  Wisdom is conveyed heart to heart, and is always for your greater good. Many times clarity is provided, allowing you to shift  from a place of fear into a space of trust and surrender. Others receive the energy they need to feel courageous to move forward in their life.  Most people find their reading to be inspirational and helpful as they gain valuable guidance in all aspects of their life. Sometimes  you may receive accurate and personal messages from your crossed over loved ones as I  am a medium as well.  You will have an opportunity to ask any unanswered questions prior to the end of your session.
Sessions available via telephone.  The telephone sessions are equally as effective as an in-person, as the vibration of your voice will allow me to tune into your energy and connect with your higher self.
$200  1 hour reading
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 Private Spiritual Healing Session
Sage is a medium or conduit of Spiritual Healing.  She channels various Saints, Ascended Masters such as Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, and Spirit Doctors for the purpose of providing healing.  This is achieved through the grace of God, and by raising her vibrational frequency, invoking the white light and love of God, creating an altered state of consciousness. It is within this higher level of consciousness, that healing is transferred from Sprit through Sage to those requesting healing.
Energy is provided to your energetic field, although invisible, contains the status of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Spiritual healing works in conjunction with the premise that most adult illness and dis-ease in the body stems from an imbalance in your being.  Treating symptoms does NOT necessarily heal the condition or illness. The Holistic model of health states that healing must exist on all levels of our being, (physically, emotionally, mentally as well as spiritually) to restore balance and wholeness. At the end of your session, you may receive various  perceived Intuitive information including  any emotional imbalances, food that is in your highest and best interest and usually information on how to maintain or return to wholeness  One hour session Cost:  $200

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Quantum Shifts ~ living a life filled with peace, love and wholeness….

Transcending fear into love~private one on one  program with Sage  

What would your life be like if you felt, confident, safe, and abundant by letting go of all your fears and worries?

By releasing energy stored in the form of unconscious limiting beliefs, fear, and stagnation, you can create space to open yourself up to a new future filled with limitless potentiality.   By connecting to pure source energy, Sage has the ability to intuit her client’s unique needs and quickly provide them with gentle support.  Hundreds of people have had transformational results. Many reported a new found overall sense of well~being that catapulted them from surviving to thriving.
You will:
  • Heal and release unhealthy beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Attract and feel the love you deserve
  • Cultivate a loving relationship with yourself filled with compassion (stop beating yourself up)
  • Develop a “flowing” mindset and relationship with money and Prosperity
  • Create healthy boundaries with all of your relationships
  • The importance of choosing your words wisely and speaking up for yourself in a loving manner.
  • Eliminate the patterns that attract negative people and situations in your life
  • How to be in command of your life vs. attempting to control your life

Transcend your life today, Call Sage to schedule your telephone or in person sessions  203.767.6237


Back by popular demand!   Messages from Spirit in a group setting with Sage

Would you like to receive a complimentary hour reading with Sage?   Host a Messages from Spirit event in a group setting with friends and family, in the convenience of your home, or at the Center for the Soul, (formerly Personal Wellness Center). The hostess will receive a complimentary hour reading at a conveniently scheduled time within 30 days after the held event.  Develop a deeper understanding of what happens to our loved ones when they cross over, and how messages from our loved ones, can provide healing, closure and guidance to us that are earthbound.

The way it works: Sage will provide accurate messages to each participant (up to 10 are guaranteed a personal message) within an hour.  The cost is $600 for up to 10 people.  You may have additional participants at $60 p/p.   Ask Sage about offering private readings to the participants after the group session event.  Don’t delay, as the spring schedule for these events are almost sold out!  203.767.6237


House Clearing/Blessing

Energy tends to stay in a house whether is be in the form of words/thoughts and or actions.  Many people sense the energy in a house can be heavy and or sad, and therefore a proper clearing/blessing is in order.  Sometimes if there is a divorce, death or even family strife, it is a great practice to clear, shift and replace with energy of a high vibration.  This creates balance, peace and joy in your house.  If you are selling your home, this is an excellent service to have done in order to procure and attract the greater good for all in the transaction.  Most times, houses for sale, will receive an acceptable offer within a two week time frame from completing a clearing/blessings.  Additionally, if any past owner (who have crossed over) are lingering, I can facilitate the clearing of that spirit.  These spirits although harmless, can create barriers within the house and among family members.  Please contact me to schedule your house clearing/blessing.  203.767.6237  starting at $300