Events/On Line Programs

                                         Events for March
Crystal Bowl Bath, Meditation, breathwork, and technique to remove emotions from the past and fears
March 12th  7-8:30pm $30p/p
Join Sage for a relaxing evening designed to bring the community together, to promote healing and restore balance. We invite you to take this opportunity to connect to your inner compass. Enjoy a guided meditation, breathwork, and a Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath.
Please bring a blanket, pillow and (yoga mat if possible)for the Singing Bowl Sound Bath portion of the program
The sound and vibration of Crystal singing bowls nearly instantly reduces stress and tension and, creates a relaxed and meditative state. It is from that point where healing the mind and body can begin. Vibrational sound healing can be traced back from present-day trends to several ancient civilizations including India, Africa, Europe, and the Orient. Crystal bowl therapy helps to balance the chakra system and re-energize the auric field.
Please register below now as space is limited
New Program: Activating Your Spark of Divinity: Connecting to your inner wisdom, Alchemy-transcending fear into love
In this 3 weeks experiential heart focused program, you will be invited to expand your personal relationship with God.  Through various spiritual practices of meditative ancient Prayer/chanting, gentle movement, and various purification techniques, participants will have the ability to create mystical union also referred to as cleaving to the divine. Learn how to purge fear, doubts and negative thoughts from the subconscious mind. This series is inclusive of all religions and faiths. The foundation is built upon the concept of wholeness and the collective Oneness.

If possible, please wear white or a light color shirt, and or pants. Light colors expand your auric field and assist in raising your vibration.

Each series will end with a crystal bowl bath, please bring a blanket and pillow.

  • Alchemize lower energy centers where fear and doubt may reside
  • Create balance in your life: Learn how to live in alignment with the cosmos (all that is) 
  • Enhance the function of your 3rd eye and Pineal Gland-known as the body’s master gland for health and happiness
  • Discover the hidden powers of chanting combined with gentle movement
  • Raise and clear your vibrational resonance by receiving crystal bowl sound healing
  • Learn how to receive your own spiritual guidance by connecting with the divine
  • Cultivate more love, courage, and resiliency.
I have been guided to offer this series on a donation basis. It has been designed with mindfulness of all budgets. Ordinarily, a program like this would cost approximately $225 per person. It is at your sole discretion how much you would like to pay. All donations are gratefully received. Click below to register for morning or evening series.  (a minimum of $20 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space)
3-week series in March  
Mornings: Mondays March 9th 16th and 30th  10am-noon
Evenings: Wednesdays March 4th, 11th, and 18th 7-9pm
—————————————————————————————————————New Development Series with Colleen
She begins a new 7-week intuitive development series on Saturday March 7. (The location for the last 3 classes of the series TBA)
To sign up go to (meetup) or contact Colleen directly at or 203 216 2407.
To receive information about future happens at Center for the Soul please visit
 All programs are scheduled atCenter for the soul, 1895 Post Road, Fairfield

Soul Plans with Renee Dixon March 10th (one spot left)

Are you interested in having your Soul Plan revealed?
Back by popular demand! Renee Dixon   Sessions will be held at Center for the Soul 1895 Post Road, Fairfield CT
Soul Plan is a new interpretation of an ancient system of life purpose analysis, rooted in Hebrew Numerology. Your Soul Plan will introduce what will be an entirely new and fascinating way of seeing your life. This system uses the sound vibration and intention behind naming, to determine your individual Soul Plan. A Soul Plan Reading is based upon the spelling of your birth name (as it appears on your birth certificate) along with its sound vibration. Your Soul Plan can help you to interpret your life experience – highlighting challenges you may encounter, natural talents that you have an overall purpose and goals. Simply by discovering your Soul Plan, you can naturally begin to align with it.
I highly recommend having your Soul Plan session. It is enlightening and provides you with the tools to make great shifts and necessary changes within your life.
Your Soul Plan reading includes advance preparation of your individual chart, and you receive a copy of your accurate plan during your in-person 75-minute session. cost $200.
Contact Renee Dixon to schedule your Soul’s Plan session.