Inspirational Beliefs


I believe there are universal laws impervious to change. They have existed from the beginning of time and are considered eternal.  If you apply the following universal laws into your life, you will have a fulfilling and successful life.

1.  The Law of Pure Potentiality– As an aspect of God, we are creating everything that occurs in our lives.  It is as easy to access abundance as it is to access lack consciousness.  Having it all vs. never having enough mentality.  It is totally up to you what you choose to manifest for your life.

2.  The Law of Karma -Every choice we make will have a affect. What we put out is what we will receive.  It is impossible to receive anything else. It is best to make karmically correct choices in life, so that choice will bring joy to you and simultaneously to everyone affected by your intentions.

3. The Law of Least Effort -This law is simple as it states do less and accomplish more by being in alignment with source energy “the natural flow.”

4. The law of Pure Desire – This law speaks about when you are driven by pure intention–one that is free of fear, doubt and desperation, you will be certain of a beneficial outcome.