About Sage


Hi! I am Sage

At her core, Sage considers herself to be a Spiritual Being having a human experience, Psychic Medium and Faith Healer. Leading with love, Sage gently guides you in remembering who you truly are, beyond the personality identity. She is dedicated to assisting you to live the best version of yourself. Empowering you to connect with your inner mystic, and to trust and surrender to your divine wisdom are some of the intentions set with her private clients. By activating our personal spark of divinity, and living from our heart space (love), she believes we all have the capability to create heaven on earth and live in alignment with our soul’s plan.

Channeling various Saints, Ascended Masters such as Jesus Christ, and Mother Mary, allows her to provide healing to those in need.  This is achieved through the grace of God, and by raising her vibrational frequency, invoking the white light and love of God, creating an altered state of consciousness.  It is within this higher level of consciousness, that healing is transferred from Spirit through Sage to those requesting healing. Speaking nationwide, she is inspired to share information, which she refers to as divine truth which has been channeled through her from a collective consciousness in spirit.


In addition to healing, teaching various alchemy principles (the mastery of our minds) and natural laws to those who feel called to raise their consciousness is a privilege and passion close to Sage’s heart. She organizes events nationwide as part of a global collaboration to support and assist in humanity’s ascension and evolution process. She believes that everyone is co creating their lives with their thoughts, emotions, actions and words. Therefore, when taking right action we are able to create the life we desire and deserve by being in alignment with our true source and Individualized God-self.

A Spiritual Initiation

presented itself in the form of dis-ease creating an imbalance within Sage in 2002.   She was diagnosed with Non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. At the time, her son was only 7 months old. Utilizing conventional medicine coupled with holistic techniques and tools, she credits both in the restoration of her health and wellbeing.  Having a strong belief in approaching health and wholeness from a holistic model, she knew she had to restore balance on all the levels of her being.  We are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings. Healing, and transformation occurred through inner reflection and a willingness to examine the imbalances of her life.  Honesty and courage was needed to heal distorted and incorrect perspectives that colored her reality for most of her life. It was through this transcending experience that she began to connect with the inner wisdom and guidance of her soul.  Her soul’s plan emerged, propelling her forward, onto her lifelong journey of service to others through the gift of healing.  To present day, she has been a conduit of Spiritual Healing (providing energy healing) at Yale Hospital and Smilow Cancer Center in New Haven CT for over 16 years.

If the multiverse is a place to learn life lessons, I can assure you, early on, I attended  the school of hard knocks.  If free will is the greatest gift bestowed upon us, some of my past choices, have allowed me to learn the hard way. The good news, everyday we get to make new choices. Life is a journey and NEVER a destination.  I believe we are always choosing from two classrooms of life, one being fear, and the other Love.  Although a great motivator, fear can create circumstances that play out in a painful perception of one’s life.  The other filled with peace, passion, love and faith allows you to navigate your inner compass  from a heart centered place. Listening to the prompting of your Inner knowingness, ultimately results in acquiring a degree in enlightenment ….. Awakening to the realization that we are all connected and thus the culmination of our choices have a profound impact on the greater good of all, The Oneness.

Dedicated to helping you transcend fear into love, light, and wholeness. 

In the love and light of God,

Sage Osa