A Warm Welcome from Sage Osa


Sage Osa

Both my Mother and Grandmother were considered to be psychic. Although they didn’t conduct readings or do it professionally, they both were extremely accurate with their premonitions and future predictions.

Since childhood, I was always extremely sensitive to how others were feeling and could perceive what they were thinking. I truly believe everyone has psychic abilities. It’s just like anything else in life. It takes practice.

I have been told by my clients that my readings are very inspirational, as they provide the much needed direction and guidance in life and answers to many questions that so many of us are seeking. The interesting part is the answers and guidance is coming through me from my clients higher self; the all-knowing God aspect of us that only wants the best for each of us.

In the late 90s I began exploring various healing modalities. Through energy healing, I discovered that in addition to being psychic, mediumistic abilities presented themselves. I began receiving messages from deceased loved ones of the person to whom I was applying energy healing. This blessing has provided enormous healing; people who have lost their loved ones are able to receive clarity and closure to unfinished business.

Facing my own mortality

I have been on my spiritual journey, practicing and coaching in the Holistic arena for 10 years plus.  I do believe my “true calling” and initiation to practice holistic healing came after having to face and confront my own mortality, as I was stricken with a serious bout of cancer. I intuitively know I survived (and am cancer-free) because I utilized various complementary holistic techniques coupled with conventional medicine. Healing, transformation, and illumination occurred on all of the deepest levels of my existence. Healing and Wellness extends far deeper than just treating the physical level of your being.


You do not have to be physically ill to invite healing and transformation into your life.  All “walks of life”– whichever path you are on–can benefit from inviting awareness, healing, and illumination into your life. It is my vision to share and explore with others, various healing modalities, to facilitate a reconnection to who we really are. I practice a diverse variety of modalities including mind/body skills, energy healing, emotional release techniques.


I have completed the Skills Training for Mind/Body Change Program at Harvard Medical School. My education and training also includes the completion of the Mind/Body/Spirit Medical Professional Training Program for facilitating Mind/Body Workshops.

Being a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor enables me to be fulfilled. I am blessed to be living my passion and at the same time able to be of service to my clients by providing inspiration and healing.

God Bless You

In Love and Light,

Sage Osa

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