Creating the Love we Want


I guess it is safe to say that on some level all humans are desirous of the same thing……..  Feeling loved, yes how wonderful it is to be awestruck by that euphoric feeling that has no boundaries.  whether it’s the love of your new born baby, or the love you experience for the very first time.  We all want to be captivated and mesmerized by the glorious feeling of love.  Having someone love us, is usually what we perpetually seek out.  We think if someone only really loved me, my life would be different.  That I can tell you in purely an illusion. 

I believe as the old adage goes, you must love thyself, before you can love anyone else.  But what does that really mean?  How do we love ourselves.  I don’t know about you, but no one taught me that.  So I have been practicing various techniques on opening my heart center (chakra) and calling forth with my intention the love and light of my higher self (the all knowing God aspect of myself) that only wants the highest and best for me. As I see the love and light of my Higher Self pouring into my heart, I now know what it means to love myself. 

The allowing and receiving is another segment to this process that is essential in this life transformational experience.  I must admit the feeling exuded and experienced is much the same as the love you would expect to feel as you embraced your first true love or hugging your newborn.  Love is love.   The more I devote time to allowing myself to be loved by myself, the more love I put forth and of course that’s what I have been attracting back into my life.

So I encourage everyone to find a effective method to love yourself with your intention of creating more peace and joy into your own life.  In the presence of Love nothing else can exist, nor does anything else exist.  Perhaps start by saying to yourself, “I love you” in the mirror.  as strange as that sounds, it does get easier and the subconscious is hearing it, and processing the vibration of your voice down to your cellular level and memory.  Eventually you will believe it.  What a beautiful experience to instill in our young people, our children and grandchildren.  Teaching them how to actually love themselves, opposed to some of the cruel put downs they receive from their friends and family members.  I dream and feel inspired when I think of the possibility of what the world would look and feel like, when  all of humanity truly loves themselves and therefore each other.