Lessons in Humility-The Oneness


So many people are realizing that it does not matter where we live, we are all affected by the global events that shape the many facets of our world.  War, oil spills, political controversy and economic turmoil, ebb and flow throughout each and every one of us.

If we are truly “one” and all connected it cannot be any other way.  It makes sense that we care and want to assist our fellow mankind.  So if I exist in you and everyone else, and vica versa, than how can we make comparisons of one person being “more conscious” than another.  Or when we hear the phrase “like minded people”…..  is that inferring that they are separate and different than others? 

When contemplating this concept, it always helps me to know that my cleaning lady and I are the same.  I am no more conscious than she is.  Perhaps she is living a fulfilling and contented life.  The important take away is how we treat one another.  Do we treat the garbage man the same as we would treat a Vice President of a Company? 

What we want to strive for is to be and live the best we  can.  Feel pride within your heart, in the knowledge and awareness you cultivate throughout your life.  It’s not only how you live your life that truly counts, It’s how you treat each and every being that counts.

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