A Warm Welcome from Sage Osa


Sage Osa

Both my Mother and Grandmother were considered to be psychic. Although they didn’t conduct readings or do it professionally, they both were extremely accurate with their premonitions and future predictions.

Since childhood, I was always extremely sensitive to how others were feeling and could perceive what they were thinking. I truly believe […]

The United Consciousness: Becoming One


This is a time of unprecedented upheaval. Systems that promote greed and separation are collapsing. The planet is rebuilding with a new mantra – cooperation, collaboration and unification. And every soul is being attuned to a higher vibration

Join me for a new seven-week series and learn techniques to integrate your higher state of being […]

Lessons in Humility-The Oneness


So many people are realizing that it does not matter where we live, we are all affected by the global events that shape the many facets of our world. War, oil spills, political controversy and economic turmoil, ebb and flow throughout each and every one of us.

If we are truly “one” and all connected […]