About Sage


Sage considers herself to be a modern day human Alchemist, blending the intuitive and practical aspects of the life well-lived. She advises and educates her clients on creating fulfillment while remaining true to their individual selves. Sage supports her clients in overriding memorized emotions, patterns and habits that clutter our perspectives and color our realities. Her alchemy bridges the two fundamental elements that drive us – our divine nature and our practical sensibilities. Her experience has evolved through 15 years as a transformational coach and psychic medium in Fairfield County, CT. Sage’s clients include individuals, families, and businesses in the US and abroad.

My Journey

serving two Gods

I do believe my true calling or initiation onto my Spiritual path came after having to face and confront my own mortality, as I was stricken with a serious bout of cancer. Intuitively I know that I survived (and am cancer-free) because I utilized various complementary holistic techniques coupled with conventional medicine. Healing, transformation, and illumination occurred at the deepest levels of my existence.  Ultimately surrendering my perceived control over my life to a higher power, although very scary, at the same time was very liberating.   Not even sure what that higher power signified, I had to surrender and trust that everything would turn out as it was meant to be.  Not an easy feat to accomplish when my son was 7 months old. It was through this humbling experience that I began to listen to my inner wisdom and what I know to be truth for me.  We are either serving  the material world, thus attempting to covet things that we think will provide the happiness we seek, or  have the realization that we can live from the awareness  that we are here to be of service to one another in a purposeful manner. To be a physical expression of a higher power in our unique self which contributes to the greater good of the whole.

humble beginnings

Since childhood, I was always extremely sensitive to how others were feeling and could perceive what they were thinking.  I assumed everyone was having the same experiences.  It wasn’t until the late 90s that I began exploring various healing modalities. Through energy healing, I discovered my mediumistic abilities. I began receiving messages from deceased loved ones of the person to whom was on my table receiving  energy work.  As I began to witness the clarity, healing and sometimes closure for the recipients, I had only begun to realize the sacredness and impactfulness of the journey embarking upon me.  I gravitated to classes and programs that provided the necessary education which allowed me to hang my shingle as a Pyschic Medium 13 years ago.


As in most people’s lives, the canvas of my life has morphed into a different picture.  Drawing upon my intuitiveness and sacred relationship with Spirit, I am blessed to support people who feel stuck, live in perpetual fear, and repeat habitual patterns that no longer serve them. Most of us unknowingly carry forth energetic multi-generational imprints of worry, unhealthy relationships with money and finances, additions, negative beliefs about relationships. These unconscious beliefs/patterns create constraints and prohibit us from living the unencumbered life we are truly meant to live. They have a direct impact on who and what circumstances  are drawn to you.   By releasing these low frequency vibrational undercurrents, creates the energetic  space needed  for you to draw upon the life you truly desire.  By raising your energetic frequency,   a new direction is formed and transformation can occur.

education-school of hard knocks

If the multiverse is a place to learn life lessons, I can assure you, early on, I attended  the school of hard knocks.  If free will is the greatest gift bestowed upon us, some of my past choices, have allowed me to learn the hard way.  The good news, every day we get to choose again and again. Life is a journey and NEVER a destination.  I believe we are always choosing from two classrooms of life, one being fear, and the other Love.   Although a great motivator, fear can create circumstances that play out in a painful perception of one’s life.  The other filled with peace, passion and empathy allows you to navigate your inner compass  from a heart centered place. Listening to the prompting of your Inner knowingness, ultimately results in acquiring a degree in enlightenment ….. Awakening to the realization that we are all connected and thus the culmination of our choices have a profound impact on the greater good of all, The Oneness.

Helping humanity transform from fear to love and abundance.

In sincere gratitude,

Sage Osa, Alchemist